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Metwork Industry was established in 2004 and we are a contract manufacturing company that produces precision parts and components. We offer our customers flexible and responsive services with practically limitless versatility. Whether a single piece or high volume production, we manufacture, assemble and then test to assure adherence to our customers’ exact specifications.

Our main strength lies in our responsiveness, which is one of our characteristics our customers have come to value immensely. Our manufacturing processes pay close attention to details, tolerance and will accept only the highest quality. We also provide our customers with prompt quotes and speedy delivery.

Our vast experience dealing with clients from various industries allows us to become more competitive and create more values to our valuable customers.



We are dedicated to be strategic partner with our customers to achieve a competitive edge with a wide range of quality metal components at cost effective prices.

We continuously ensure a successful partnership with our key customers by understanding and translating their needs to quality products.

We are consistently developing and improving our engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as our people and their management skills.

At Metwork Industry, we go extra mile for our customers and partners.